A Message From Alpine F1 Drivers Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso

As Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon share, the last year or so has been a difficult one for all of us…but partnerships such as ours have endured and continue to push the boundaries for cars on both the track and the road.

Materials Science and Engineering are Keys to Success for Electrification Megatrend

Carlo Fiorella, Global Market Manager for DuPont Automotive, gives a keynote speech at Material World’s Nano4EVs 2.0 event sharing his view on how material science experts and engineers can best work with automakers to support rapid growth in the ever-evolving electrification space to bring safer and better performing EVs to our roads.

Alain Prost Talks About the History of Safety Within Formula One at the Beginning of His Career

When F1 legend Alain Prost made his debut, safety was a secondary thought in the sport and innovations in the field were in their infancy. Flashing forward to 2020, motorsports have rightly come leaps and bounds in ensuring that the safety of drivers and crews comes first. Watch here as Alain speaks candidly to GP Racing Editor Ben Anderson about his personal experiences on the track, and his perspectives on the evolution of safety in F1.

Accelerating EV Technology: From Racetrack to Road

Hosted by The Engineer UK, Carlo Fiorella (Global Market Manager, DuPont), Conor Sheehan (Application Development Engineer Automotive, DuPont), Pierre Calippe (e-Powertrain Architect, Alpine F1 Team) and Jérôme Lafarge (Head of Technology, Alpine F1 Team) explore how advanced engineering and material science can improve the performance, safety and sustainability of Formula 1 cars on the racetrack, as well as how they use these learnings to find the best technologies that can solve OEMs’ challenges in growing EV commercial car production.

The Story Behind the Alpine F1 Team Technical Partnership

John Richard (VP & GM, DuPont) discusses the impact of our Alpine F1 Team partnership in shaping the automotive industry.

Translating the Innovations On the Track to OEMs

John Richard (VP & GM, DuPont) on the future of hybrid/electric motor development.

The Team Behind the Car

John Richard (VP & GM, DuPont) speaks on the team’s expertise and passion for driving automotive innovation.

DuPont and Alpine F1 Team's Technical Partnership

Introducing the DuPont and Alpine F1 Team technical partnership. Developing the most innovative solutions in the most challenging environment – the Formula One track. Together we are co-engineering the future of mobility.

Safety in Formula 1

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at DuPont, and is a crucial focus area for our technical partnership with the Alpine F1 Team – from car design, bodywork development and PPE.

DuPont’s Automotive Hub

Behind the doors of our Technical Innovation Centre, check out one of our key hubs for designing and engineering the latest in automotive materials.

DuPont Thermal Testing System: Meet Thermo-Man®

Introducing Thermo-Man®, the world’s most advanced life-size thermal burn injury evaluation system. Testing technology like Nomex®, these innovations not only go into the suits of Formula One drivers but also firefighter gear, industrial work suits and more.

50 Years of Nomex® and We’re Just Getting Started

Some say 50 years of experience is a laurel to rest on. But not to us. Now is the time to keep going, as we continue to innovate and work with Alpine F1 through our technology partnership.

World-Leading Electric Arc Testing in Action

With only one electric arc testing device in the world, DuPont still manages to be the only producer of high-temperature-resistant fibres with high-performance capabilities. This is just one of the many innovations we bring to our technical partnership with Alpine F1 Team.

DuPont and Renault DP World F1 Team’s Technical Partnership