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How Formula One Innovation Is Shaping the World’s Electric Vehicle Future

The Engineer

In a feature piece from our media partner, The Engineer, Global Market Manager Carlo Fiorella shares insights into the performance of the electric vehicle market throughout the pandemic and the reasons for its growth. Addressing the challenges being faced by OEMs to continually innovate in the EV space, Carlo explores how DuPont can help solve these challenges as a partner and supplier and how our partnership with the Alpine F1 Team has enabled us to do so. 

Spirits In The Materials World


Autosport’s Technical Editor investigates the Alpine F1 Team’s technical partnership with DuPont and the process of bringing materials into its powertrain layout. Looking ‘under the skin’ of a Renault F1 car, the article covers how DuPont’s innovative solutions are specifically selected to improve track performance, giving the Alpine F1 Team a “portfolio of product with the perfect user’s guide”. The article features interviews with Carlo Fiorella, global market manager from DuPont and Pierre Calippe, Renault ERS architect.

Formula 1 partnership speeds up development of new chassis and powertrain materials

Automotive Industries

DuPont speaks to the oldest and most globally renowned automotive publication about not only the technological benefits of a partnership with Alpine F1 Team but also how this impacts relationships with suppliers and OEMs.

The logistics driving Renault Formula 1

Automotive Logistics

In an article on the teams keeping the Alpine F1 Team on track, Victoria Johns talks about Formula One being a testbed for DuPont, constantly pushing for more advanced technology and materials that will be developed for electric consumer vehicles.

Racing technology fast-tracks sustainability developments

Automotive World

Megan Lampinen explores how DuPont’s partnership with Alpine F1 Team not only looks to develop race car technology but will also help to innovate the road cars of the future.

DuPont Shifts to Formula 1 as Fast Track to Consumers

Innovation & Tech Today

Michael Coates writes about Formula One’s ability to act as the perfect testbed for DuPont’s automotive engineering with immediate challenges that demand real-time solutions.

Materials Development in F1

Professional Motorsport World

DuPont speaks with Lawrence Butcher on bringing the latest material developments to F1 – including the Nomex® honeycomb and its application in not only Formula One vehicles but also the aerospace industry.