Grasshoppers and Female Pioneers: My Journey into a Career in STEM

Curiosity and relentless commitment to innovation reminds us how important it is to have gender diversity in engineering and materials science.

DuPont and Nissan e.dams Formula E Team Announce Technical Partnership

Collaborating on safer, more advanced electric vehicles.

PPE Within Motorsports – A Lifejacket for the Track

DuPont experts Amr Moniem and Yves Bader share their views on the role safety apparel plays within F1 with examples of how Nomex® aids drivers on the high-risk racetrack environment.

Formula One – The Unsung Hero of Electric Vehicle Development?

As the pinnacle of automotive technology, Formula One is a true “laboratory on wheels” where hybrid-electric technologies and materials get tried and tested, before filtering down to the latest commercial vehicles on our roads.

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Formula 1: Balancing Performance and Sustainability

Formula One (F1) cars are typically synonymous with the roar of engines in vehicles designed for one thing: speed. But in fact, more is being done in F1 to improve sustainability than you may imagine.

Formula 1 continues to pose the greatest opportunity for automotive technology, and we can’t wait to get back to the track

For so many, Formula 1 and the auto industry have always been about more than just the mechanics of the cars.

Co-engineering The Future of Mobility: DuPont and Alpine F1 Team

In Formula 1, the difference between glory and defeat comes down to the smallest of margins